"Sunday Go To Meeting" Roast
1-3 lb. Bison Chuck or Arm Roast 6 medium potatoes
1 pkg. Lipton Onion Soup mix 8 medium carrots
2 medium onions, quartered 4 stalks celery
3/4 cups water  

Saturday: Allow roast to defrost in refrigerator. Peel potatoes, scrub carrots (do not peel) and place in water in the refrigerator overnight. Cut onions into quarters and seal in plastic overnight. Clean celery, cut into 2" pieces and place in plastic bag overnight.

Sunday: Place thawed roast in 9" x 13" or larger pan or pyrex dish. Place vegetables and water around roast. Sprinkle soup mix over roast. Seal with foil and bake at 300 degrees for 4 hours OR bake at 325 degrees for 3 hours.