Sombrero Pie
1 lb. Ground Bison 1 sm. pkg. Corn Bread Mix
1 sm. can Refried Beans 1 can Mexi-corn Nibblets
1 sm. can diced Green Chilies 1 pkg. Taco mix seasoning
1 cup mild Cheddar Cheese (grated)  

Spread refried beans on bottom of deep pie dish. Brown ground bison. Add taco seasoning and spread on beans in pie dish. Next, layer cheese and then green chili peppers. Make corn bread according to package directions using the liquid form the mexi-corn in place of the liquid called for. Use water or milk for the remaining liquid required if necessary. Blend the corn into the batter gently. Spread on top of pie ingredients in pie dish. Bake 25 degrees less than corn bread mix instructions. Top each serving with a drop of sour cream, salsa, sliced green onion or even sliced olives for a tasty and festive meal. (serves 4)